Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Hiroshima: downtime

Today was mostly a rest and downtime day, so we slept in and didn't go sightseeing.

The Hiroshima Grand Prince Hotel is actually on an island separate from the rest of the city. It's kind of resort-ish, although there are apartment buildings and various industrial marine businesses on the island, also.

The breakfast buffet was served in the restaurant at the top of the hotel, which has a fairly spectacular view. We had planned not to go anywhere today, but we kinda failed when we went for a walk along the water and ended up circumnavigating the island. I got a chance to take my shoes off and go wading along a little bit of beach, which made me happy. (There was no surf and the water was cold, so I didn't regret not having packed a swimsuit.) We saw more cats! I think yesterday was the first day we didn't see any.

For dinner, we ate at the VERY fancy Japanese restaurant on the 20th floor of the hotel. It was a kaiseki 7-course meal: appetizer, sashimi, soup, simmered dish, sashimi, tempura, rice with vegetables and miso soup, and dessert. I frankly have no idea what most of the things I ate actually were, but they were all tasty, and the view and the sunset were gorgeous.

We also sorted out some logistics for the last few days of our trip that we hadn't dealt with yet, so we didn't manage to do nothing today, but it was still relaxing, which we needed.

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