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I did a bunch of errands today, and I found a pair of lounging shorts at Old Navy for $1.87 and eleven volumes of Blade of the Immortal at ARC for $2.50 each. Since the cover prices are $15-20, that felt like a pretty significant score. Also a third white shirt to ice-dye sometime.

Socialization catch-up: Last weekend we went to the Sakura Festival in downtown Denver on Saturday. It's just one block of one street, but it was an enjoyable hour or two. On Sunday Josh was in town and I went over to Chez Neville to play Microscope with him, Thomas, and Kate. (Jerry, alas, was too drained by work stuff to join us. It's summer and his martial arts school is down a couple instructors, so this has been true a lot lately.)

The weekend before that I took Friday off to run errands and then go to a pool party at CJ's, where I got to see [profile] e_ticket, visiting from LA, which was pretty awesome. We had a good chat floating in the pool. Also got to spend time with various other bearfolks. Had to zip off after a few hours to go play BaHotH Legacy; I has been thinking about going dancing afterwards, but mostly I wanted to do that to socialize with people, and since I got a lot of good hangout time at the pool party, I decided to pass because I was tired. Birthday for Patrock on Saturday; more good hanging out time.

Let's see, and the weekend before THAT was birthday brunch for Matt VdN on Saturday (and then hanging out at their place in the evening), and a birthday barbecue for Floyd on Sunday. So that wall all good. Otherwise, weekends since we got back from the honeymoon have mostly just been low-key downtime.

I went to two city council meetings this month, because they're proposing to do some rezoning to put in an affordable housing complex adjacent to my subdivision, and I wanted to go and say "Yes In My Back Yard" to express my support because affordable housing is good and we need more of it everywhere. The public discussion period got postponed from the first meeting, but since I was going to be there anyway, I joined some members of the advisory board I'm on in accepting the official proclamation for Pride month. (Somehow I ended up with the framed piece of paper at the end of it, but I was able to hand it off at our monthly board meeting a couple days later.) So then I went to the later meeting, but it turned out that the comment period on that issue was at the end of the meeting, I hadn't had dinner, there were a bajillion people there, and having read a few of the comments people has already submitted in writing, I concluded that there was no way I was going to be able to sit through all these people being awful about it without going completely feral. So I stood up there to accept the "yay immigrants!" proclamation, submitted comments in writing, and then left. I also drafted the official statement of support for affordable housing from the board, so I figured I'd done what I could.

I heard about this issue in the first place because my HOA sent out email urging people to tell city council what they thought about it, and at first I was really annoyed that they were taking a position against it, but on further reflection, I think it's more likely that their position is actually "this is a thing that people are going to complain about, so maybe if we urge them to go to the city council meeting they'll complain to them instead of us." So I think I've discovered a corollary to Hanlon's Razor: never ascribe to a philosophical/political stance that which is sufficiently explained by somebody wanting you to not bother them.

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