Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

So Much Adulting

I wasn't really aiming to be productive this weekend, but I managed to get a lot done, so that felt good.

Saturday morning I bought vegetables at the farmer's market, then got a haircut. (Making note of it because I keep losing track of how long I go between haircuts.) I got rice vinegar and some more little bowls for kitty wet food at POM (they were small but deep and had fishies on them, how could I not?), then hit a couple thrift stores looking for shirts to dye next weekend. (No luck, alas.) I then remembered that I needed to put air in the tires and actually did it, which was a bit of an achievement, to be honest. Dropped everything off at home, recovered for a bit, then went grocery shopping.

I wanted to make something to bring to the bonfire. Friday night I had made some ramen eggs (ajitsuke tamago) for snacking on (I made the first batch last weekend and needed more because they are AMAZING), and I was thinking I'd take those, but I didn't have very many and they don't halve well, so I decided to make deviled eggs instead. I tweaked some recipes I found online and ended up making Japanese deviled eggs with J-mayo, miso, mirin, wasabi, sesame oil, and crunchy chili garlic, and was very pleased with the outcome. I wrote down the recipe to make again, definitely.

Then that evening Jerry and I went off to Brighton for a bonfire at Bob's, which was very pleasant. Got some good hangout time with Geoff and Mitch and Brandon & Matt and Craig & Joe, and managed to get enough DEET on me that I wasn't eaten by mosquitoes.

Today we got going relatively early and went off to get some shirts for Jerry to dye and a new stunt ring (inexpensive and easily replaceable silver wedding band), since his previous one served its purpose by getting lost while we were in Japan. We stopped at the Goodwill on 120th, and not only did we find a half dozen shirts for him (plus a long-sleeved one for me that wasn't there yesterday), we also found some nice low shelves that we could use to clean up and organize a bunch of clutter in the living room (like all the board games). So we bought two sets of them.

There's no jewelry counter at the Walmart on 120th anymore, so after some lunch we found one at the one on Sheridan, got the ring, came home and put together shelves. Put lots of things away and rearranged the living room a bit, and then I spent the evening cooking.

Well, mostly chopping vegetables, since I made ratatouille. I made two batches, one traditional and one Indian. (Indian ratatouille: mostly the same, use cardamom, cumin, garam masala, and coriander instead of thyme and basil.) I used the bag of frozen tomatoes my mom gave us last fall, so I didn't have to spend much time cooking the tomatoes until they fell apart, just a long time simmering away all the water. I did both batches at the same time, and that worked well except for a bit where I got a little behind prepping the tomatoes (because I'd forgotten to do them in advance like all the other veggies) and the time when I spattered hot oil on my naked belly because while I had remembered to wear a shirt while I was cooking, I forgot that you have to actually button it to get any protection, yes, even when it's all hot and gross right next to the stove. (No actual damage, happily, just some ouch.) Anyway, both version turned out pretty well, I think, so that'll be nice for dinner all week.

Oh! And! I finally summoned up the gumption to call Dave & Michelle (who does carpentry & home improvement), and they're going to come over some evening this week and look at the various things around the house that need fixing, so we'll get that in motion finally, hooray!

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