Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Annibersary Pewpumes

We didn't do anything for our anniversary on Monday. Honestly, we kinda forgot, because we've been celebrating it in April for a decade and a half and we only got married two years ago. I only remembered when my Mom mentioned it on the phone.

But Jerry got Friday off, so he met me at work at lunchtime and we went off to DSH Perfumes and bought more stink-pretty and that was our belated celebration.

He got drams of December (conifer and spice with a little citrus), Become The Shaman (woody, spicy, smoky), and Arabian Sandalwood (woody and sweet) (which we both wear). I got one of Shimotsuki ("frosty moon" - hawthorn and orris) and then I wanted to get something green-smelling. (My skin scent is green, woody, and sweet, IIRC, while his is sweet and fruity.) I couldn't decide between Le Jardin Vert and Vert et Noir (green and mineral vs green and vetiver), so I ended up getting both.

You get three free samples with every purchase; he got Prophecy, Tunisian Amber, and Black Coconut. I got Viridian, Aquamarine, and Iridum. Basically, the stuff he wears is all mystical and exotic, and my stuff is all "I'm a plant!" (Or a color.)

Afterwards we had lunch at Garbanzo, which is not super-exciting, but it's tasty and we knew he could get dairy-free and I could get low-carb, so that was an easy decision.

And then I spent the rest of the day redoing (yet again) the final stages of the data processing I've been beating on all week long, because I had a typo that made the 25-km and 11-km versions copies of the 44-km version instead, but I finally got it all finished and next week I can move on to other things, hooray!

(I am way behind on posting and have some catch-up to do, but I wanted to say something quick to stop putting it off.)

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