Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Work, snow, repairs, birthday games

I am working on the Final Report for one of our grants, and it is the worst thing. It's going to be the only work thing I do all week, and it's going to eat up time over the holiday and the weekend, and it's No Fun At All. Yuck-ptoo ugh bleah!

We got about 8 inches of snow last night. The office was closed today, so I worked from home, and I left early yesterday to avoid nasty traffic. Looks like it should be reasonable to go in tomorrow, though. And I am taking a moment to be appreciative of (1) having a garage in which we park our cars, and (2) having some chunk my HOA fees, much as I dislike how high they are, going to paying other people to deal with shoveling all the snow. Yay!

Speaking of paying other people to deal with things, last week Michelle (my brother's fiancee, who is a contractor) came and fixed a bunch of stuff around the house for us. We now have a front door that opens easily, toilets that don't run, sinks that aren't cracked, nice bright light fixtures in the bathrooms, a bunch of walls that aren't all dented and scratched up, and -- best of all -- we can use the shower in the master bathroom again! The drain doesn't leak into the ceiling above the garage anymore! I had forgotten how nice it is, especially since it has the best water pressure.

Sunday afternoon we went over to Matthew ([personal profile] fineplan)'s place for birthday board games, and had much fun with him, and Mitch, and Jonathan, and Stephen, and... a couple other guys whose names I forgot because I'm a terrible person. We played a game of Citadels and a couple rounds of Codenames, and then the Cyanide & Happiness make-a-comic game, and then half the guys had to take off, so the four of us left played Organ Attack (birthday present) and The Table Is Lava, where you flick cards at a bunch of other cards and meeples, trying to knock them off. (It was a flicky game, so I wasn't any good at it, but it was decently enjoyable.) We also got to meet Matthew's ferrets and his cat Deimos, who is a sweet boy but very yelly.

(I still have lots of journaling to catch up on, but that's three things and three things make a post and my dinner is ready. Before I go back to reporting, waaa blah whinge boo.)

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