Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Lazy, Gamey, and Brithdayey

Friday evening, we (me, kung_fu_monkey, and saintpookie) acquired byree for carpoolage and zipped down to Common Grounds for Gin & Coffee. (Note: Gin & Coffee is a long-standing tradition amongst our tribe where, on occasional Friday nights, we go to a coffeehouse to drink coffee and play gin -- and other games. No-one has actually mixed gin and coffee to find out if it's as vile a drink as we all suspect it to be.)

I got to give Jerry his brithday present: 40 years worth of Amazing Spider-man comics on CD-ROM! He's pretty fond of Spidey, so I was psyched to find this and he was pretty psyched to get it. Woo-hoo! (Thomas said I get a "best boyfriend ever" award. =) Much socialization ensued (lotsa people showed up), and we even had Kate, broken foot and all. We played a ridiculous 9-player games of Munchkin, which birthday-boy Jerry managed to win.

Saturday we did not much at all, which was pretty nice. We chauffeured Kate to Ghostwalk, and though she's getting around pretty well on crutches, I tried to convince her that she should really get a sedan chair with burly guys to carry her around. We did have to revoke her apology privileges for the evening when she kept trying to apologize for the "inconvenience" her busted foot was causing everyone else. What-EVAR. *roll of eyes*

Greg made tasty beef stir-fry, and we got to discover that our D&D campaign is actually also a Call of Cthulhu campaign. Wacky! Or, rather, crazy! But it was fun.

Today was another day of not much at all during the day. Oh -- we got Monkey's laptop back from Best Buy (FINALLY! -- it's only been nine freakin' weeks -- I'll tell the whole sordid story some other time) on Friday, and today I finally got it networking wirelessly again. (This was a complicated process because I managed to completely forget every single password that was in any way related to the wi-fi, and had to reset everything.)

This evening we went over to the Floyds' for post-baby shower gaming. Had six or so of us for playing The Big Idea, which was, as always, a hoot. (Chris has the super-deluxe set with a gajillion cards and upgraded rules.) It probably helps a lot that our group is drawn to absurd humor, so the goofier the invention, the more likely it is to popular. Some of the hits: Self-Heating Love Shark (not quite as good as Jeff's Extravagant Time Shaaaaaark (sung in hair-metal style) from last game, but still damn funny); Musical Kitchen Jet Monkey (a Japanese product); High-Priority Perforated Mailbox Cannon, Flying Art Virus, and Enigmatic Sexy Chicken Cow Boat. We also played Odysseus, which was fairly entertaining and a highly realistic simulation of the self-frustrating ways of Greek Gods.

Ahhh. Lovely!

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