Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Staying at home (with some fun beforehand)

So we just finished up our first full week of staying home to avoid contributing to the spread of coronavirus. It's been fine, really.

I brought everything home from the office Thursday before last (the 12th), and the next day they announced that work from home would be mandatory starting at noon on the 17th (the following Tuesday). I actually had to go back in on Monday because I realized that the mac keyboard we have at home is only a little one, and I wanted my full-sized keyboard. I also updated my password (due to expire in 38 days) because that's way easier to do when you're connected to the network there, and I figure there are decent odds that I'll be working from home past mid-April. I also brought home my violets, which seem happy on the table at the top of the stairs, as well as Rachel's jade plant / Christmas cactus combo, which she wasn't able to get back into the office to pick up.

I'm all set up to WFH from the "library" -- the spare bedroom where all my books live. It gets decent light, and I'll get to watch the crabapple blossom, so that'll be nice. It can get a little warm, but that's mostly because I had the halogen torchiere turned on to give better light for videoconferences. And I will say that it is nice to cut my commute down from 30 minutes to 5 seconds.

Tuesday and Wednesday of last week were a bunch of teleconferences that replaced the workshop in Berkeley that was cancelled. They weren't as good for collaboration-building as meeting in person, but they went pretty well, considering. Zoom worked fine, and we had good moderation that kept 20-40 person telecons functional. And then we had some wrap-up and review conferences on Thursday. So I actually got to see a lot of people, despite never leaving the house.

I've gone on a few walks, just to get some fresh air and sunshine. It's not too hard to avoid people on weekdays, but yesterday I seemed to be the only person willing to step off the sidewalk to maintain appropriate distance. I'm wondering if I need to take a six-foot stick with me to keep people appropriately at bay. (Or a polearm...)

Jerry's birthday was two weekends ago. We did an escape room on Saturday; Team More Than Half Librarians (us, Nevilles, Mel, and Matthew/[personal profile] fineplan) successfully beat the Chinese-themed one at the place up on Huron. It was a good one, nice use of RFID tags and maglocks. We had plans to go axe throwing in the evening, but the place was booked up, so we came back to he house and played Mysterium. (A slightly different batch of folks -- Mary, Matthew, Jon, and Neal, I think?) Jerry did another escape room (horror-themed) on Sunday while I went shopping, and that evening we successfully threw axes with Jon, Gene, Brandon, and Matthew again. Kate also showed up and hung out with us. This time we were the only ones in the whole place. The coach had us do some 'pub game' competitions, which were fun and engaging. I remain halfway-decently ambidaxtrous, and was even able todo some double throws successfully. Jerry's mom also came to visit for a few days starting that Monday, and we had a nice visit.

Otherwise, not much is going on. The cats seem pretty pleased to have us home all the time. They have made many guest appearances on my videoconferences, and they seem to like just hanging out nearby and napping in the office when I'm working.

I did go to see the movie Emma before we settled into isolation. It was at the tail end of when I thought it would be reasonable to still go out in public, but it was a 10:30 pm showing of a Jane Austen movie on a weeknight, so I figured it would be pretty minimal exposure. (Indeed, there were only two other people in the entire theater, and I didn't sit near them.) It's a very good movie. Gorgeous and funny, and the reviews say it's a faithful adaptation. Definitely recommended; I gather it's available streaming on Amazon.

So, yeah. About like that.

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