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Quarantine time is weird. On Tuesday, I went to the store first thing in the morning and then I went to the office to pick up my chair (which I can already tell is helping my ergonomics a lot), and then by Wednesday afternoon, it felt like that had happened a full week and a half earlier. But then two weeks have gone by since I last posted and it feels like nothing has happened at all.

Which is kind of because nothing much has happened. Work and bills go on, but everything else is on hold. I'm going grocery shopping once every 7-9 days, and otherwise don't go out. Two exceptions: picking up the desk chair (which I had to make special arrangements for), and on Thursday, the charger cable for my laptop died, so Jerry went and got me one from Target.

I ran my Star Wars game over Zoom this evening, and that went pretty well. Need to remember to schedule breaks, though. Last weekend I played Neal's D&D game using Zoom & Roll20. (It works, but the interface is pretty clunky, so I'm glad we don't need it for my Star Wars game.) We also found some services for playing board games online and played Dominion with Chris Floyd on Saturday of last weekend. We just called on the phone and put it on speaker, and that worked well. Not as good as games in person, but a lot better than nothing.

I have gone for a few walks around the neighborhood and discovered that I think a lot of the bunnies live in the rock wall embankments that run along the edges of our subdivision. I saw one vanish there and realized that there are big holes between and behind the rocks that have plenty of room for a rabbit den.

Work is going reasonably. I have struggled a bit to be productive some days, although not more than other times when I've been stressed out about other things. Overall, working from home 100% has honestly been less disruptive than I thought it would be. Having no commute is nice, as is being able to eat based on when I'm actually hungry and not when the cafeteria is open.

So, yeah. I'm doing okay. The situation is dumb and I hate it, but I'm also less worried now that it's here than I was when it was coming, so at least there's that.

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