Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Lockdown update (a tiny ancestral rodent going "aaaaaaaaaa")

I feel comfortable generalizing from a single data point that pandemics are stupid and I hate them.

My birthday was Thursday of last week. (Not this week that just ended, but the one before that.) I worked in the morning and then took the rest of the day off. We got takeout Smashburger for dinner, and played some boardgames online with Floyd, Jon, Gene, Brandon, and Joe Z. It wasn't as good as seeing people in person, but it was still nice. We played several rounds of 7 Wonders and Incan Gold; they play a lot faster when there's a computer enforcing all the rules and you don't have to spend effort figuring out which plays are legal because it just tells you in the UI. has good implementations of a bunch of games, and I paid a whopping $4 for a premium membership, which is worth it even for just one session. Played more games with Neal & Jeff the following Sunday when I didn't have enough brain to prep and run Star Wars. (I also didn't have enough brain for heavy-duty games, so it was Carcassonne and more Incan Gold.)

As I commented on FB, I'm fine, overall. I get tired a lot. A friend (Jeff H) posted a thing about Maslowe's hierarchy and the fact that even if you know intellectually that your lower-tier needs are going to be met, if you're getting signals that the environment is uncertain, there's a chunk of your brain that's going to ignore what you know and be hyper-vigilant about those lower-tier needs, and that burns a lot of energy. And that definitely seems to be where I am.

Like, really, objectively speaking, my life is in good shape. But my focus is lousy, small roadblocks throw me further off-track than normal, and some days I just conk out at a certain point. And I think it's because even though consciously I'm on a fairly even keel, in my subconscious there's some tiny ancestral rodent going "aaaaaaaaaa" all day long.

Yesterday was a good day. I got a bunch of things done and felt accomplished. I got bills paid and decided to get some fresh air, so I walked to the post office to drop them in the mail, and since I was over that way, I stopped by Walgreens for a couple things we needed from there and got takeout from Chipotle. And discovered that Pho 88 is open again for takeout! Called my mom, read some book. So that was nice. Today was kinda meh; dealt with some things (Parks & Rec district voting), bounced off others (state taxes), ran out of mana.

Work has been decent. I finished off a bunch of data production and publishing this last week, and that was good. Now it's back to writing and suchlike for a while. I have a virtual workshop this week that will start at 9 in the morning Tues through Thurs, but as I think I said earlier, it's way easier to deal with when all I have to do is walk down the hallway rather than drive half an hour into work.

We finished Neal's Unmunchkin campaign. Season 2, anyway; we might do a season 3, but not until we can play in person again, we decided. My paladin got to go nova on a young black dragon, which was quite satisfying. Jerry and I are now playing in a procedurally-generated exploration game that Neal is running alternate Monday nights, so we'll see how that goes. Overall, remote D&D works well (easier to make it to game!), but I have to say I'm not a fan of fancy platforms like Discord and Roll20. Like, yeah, the tech is sparkly, but to me what you get is just not enough better than simpler solutions to justify the hassle, quality, and constraints.

I really want a haircut.

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