Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Going to Work

I went in to the office for the first time in almost a year today.

I put in the request for permission to enter the building a couple weeks ago because I wanted to get some notes for a talk that I'm going to give in April. Currently, they have to keep the building at less than 10% capacity, so you have to sign up in advance so they can coordinate who'll be present when. (Plus you have to do a training session on how to avoid spreading germs, but I did that back in October.)

I discovered shortly after I signed up that I already had the notes (I brought them home with me last March), but I figured since the opportunity was limited, I'd go in anyway and see what else I wanted to bring home.

Jerry came with me, and we were hoping to have lunch together outside on the Tree Plaza, where we got married, but alas, it was all closed off. Plus even it had been accessible, it was SUPER-windy up on the hill today, so that was a bit of a bust.

I brought home some folders for sorting out all my notes, and my work credit card so I can pay for things like online conference registration myself. More importantly, I was also able to grab MORE NOTEPADS for taking notes! I finally ran out and the only ones they had at the grocery store were little. aw yus office supplies

I also brought home my workout gear to wash. Our climate is dry so it didn't get gross or anything, even after sitting abandoned in a locker for a year, but I figured it would be nice to have clean workout clothes when I finally go back.

Finally, my co-worker Rachel asked me to get a chair out of her office for her, which she'll come pick up this weekend.

Even though it's only 20-some minutes, the drive there and back felt notably longer than when I was doing it every day. I think I'd like to continue working from home some of the time once the pandemic is over.

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