Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Snowpocalypse 21

It was cloudy and snizzling most of the day Saturday, but the snow didn't really start until Saturday night, and then it kept going all day Sunday. It was also pretty blowy, so it's hard to get a precise measure of how much total snowfall we got, but I went out onto the front porch and stuck a tape-measure into the snow, and it read 14 inches.

That's a lot, but not as much as the forecasters were doomsaying. ("Two to four feet! Aiiieee!") They've over-predicted the last few big storms we've gotten; I guess they'd rather be over and have people rolling their eyes than be under and have people yelling at them.

They had the roads clear enough in our subdivision that I decided to do the weekly grocery shopping this evening rather than later in the week. (After calling to check how bare the shelves were; they didn't get a truck this morning, but got one Sunday morning and had hardly any customers yesterday or today, so stock levels were fine. There was only one thing on my list they didn't have.)

More interesting is what we got up to during the storm. Somebody anonymously sent us a couple escape-rooms-in-a-box for Jerry's birthday, so we did one of those (The Mothman Prophecies!) yesterday afternoon. It was fun; we took a bit longer than the allotted time, but there were only two of us. Lots of sealed envelopes, good production values, interesting theme, nice use of website for puzzle validation. A couple of the puzzles were a bit abstruse, but we only needed a few of the hints.

Even better, though, is that I have a husband who said "I want to have a lightsaber fight in the snow." So we did! We got bundled up and tromped around in the snow for an hour slashing at one another with light-up toys. It was delightful. Key observation: lightsaber hilts are terribly un-ergonomic. And they really, really, REALLY need crossguards of some kind.

Best of all, he took video with his camera-glasses:

(Yes, the time codes are off by a day; it was actually the 14th.)

Highly recommended as an activity if you find yourself in similar circumstances.

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