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On Tuesday two weeks ago, I gave the talk that I was scheduled to give a year ago before the conference I was giving it at was cancelled. It's still weird giving talks with absolutely zero feedback from the audience, but I had several people tell me later on that they really enjoyed it, so I'm counting it as a success. Especially since it was a talk about philosophy of science stuff at a conference on improving scientific software, so people weren't automatically going to be interested in the subject matter.

I then took half of Thursday, all of Friday, and all of Monday off, because I had been pushing hard on a lot of different projects and was feeling frazzled.

Which was good, because on Thursday I got email from Kaiser saying I'd reached the front of the line and could come get my first vaccine shot on Monday!

I got a mid-morning appointment up at Rock Creek. It was down in the basement, and the line stretched down the hallway (largely because everyone was distanced six feet, of course), but they moved people through at a good clip. I didn't even feel the needle, but later on in the day I had a little soreness and then my energy levels plummeted ("I was very busy on a molecular level," as the Daves say), so the vague wonder if maybe the guy missed or something vanished.

I have another appointment in three weeks, and then two weeks after that I should be fully immunized. It's weird to think about all the things that have been forbidden that I'll be able to do again. I am trying not to anticipate too hard, lest I get itchy and impatient, but I can't help but look forward at least a little. Weirdly, one of the biggest ones is just being able to go to the store whenever, without having to think about whether it will be crowded or if it's an unnecessary trip.

And then this last Thursday was my and Jerry's 20th anniversary! Spring of 2001 was when I flew out to Oregon and we put all his stuff in a moving truck, drove back to Colorado, moved in together. It's hard to pin an exact date on it, so a few years later we decided to just call April 1st our nominal anniversary, since it's about halfway between our birthdays. We got takeout from Afghan Kabob and watched some TV together and played a few rounds of Earth Defense Force, and it was lovely.

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