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Now that we are both fully-vaxxed, we have started Doing Things! With people! Outside the house! It's amazing!

Three weekends ago, the first weekend we were both two weeks post-vaccine, we went to the Butterfly Pavillion with [personal profile] fineplan. We hadn't been there in ages, and there were a lot more butterflies in the air than I remember. I'm not sure if it's because we usually go more in the winter (when light levels are lower, maybe?) or if it's just my lousy memory. Matthew took lots of pictures; Jerry got harassed by a butterfly that landed on his crotch. Afterwards we got lunch on the patio at R Taco, then froyo from the place a few doors down. It was lovely.

The weekend after that we got lunch at Domo with Channan and Patrock, who had never been! We waited a good while to be seated, and it was windy enough that we had to pick a couple leaves out of our food, but the garden was lovely as always. The menu has been reduced and revamped because they're under-staffed, but hopefully they'll be able to get back to where they were in time. Afterwards, we went back to their place and just hung out for a while. (Other people's houses! Amazing!) We shared Eurovision performances and other goofy videos with each other. I got to pet Midna after plying her with some tuna nibbles.

And then last weekend, on Saturday we had our first in-person Star Wars session since teh Before Times at the Nevilles'. I had to put a bunch of my stuff in a backpack and bring it with me, which was weird because I hadn't done that in a year.

Then on Sunday, we went bowling! Which I haven't since a long, LONG time before the pandemic started. We met up with the Eaton boys (Jon, Gene, Brandon, and Matt) at the bowling alley at 92nd and Harlan and bowled a couple games while it rained buckets outside. Wandered through the arcade and determined that we are now Too Old for arcades; it's all either flashing-lights gambling, giant-screen virtual snowboarding, or old-skool video games done on walls of LEDs that hurt my eyes to look at. Alas. But the bowling was fun, and it was great to hang out with those guys, and also we got to see strangers' faces!

And all of it was just lovely. Lovely lovely lovely! We have a long list of Things To Go Do on our whiteboard, and I'm looking forward to checking things off.

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