Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

A Thin Paneer of Civilization

Jerry was off visiting with Nick & Jen this evening, so I carpooled with Tom & Heather down to I-25 and Hampden, where we met Karen & Thomas at a restaurant called India's for dinner. It was very yummy. K&T are regulars there to the point that the waiter recognized them and knew what they were probably going to order. That's kinda cool. And I have to admit, they do have the best saag paneer I've tasted, so I totally see why Karen usually gets it.

We stayed there talking for about two and a half hours, almost until the restaurant closed. (They didn't quite have to kick us out.) It was a pretty quiet night, so we weren't denying them any business or anything. Among other things, I got to ask a lawyer how the law would apply to various super-powers. Ah, geekdom.

It was very nice. Good food and leisurely conversation is a pretty enjoyable combo. One of the better reasons to invent civilization, I'd say.

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