Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


bryree brought Shaun of the Dead over to our house this afternoon and we watched it with him, us, and kisken. What a funny-ass movie! I was totally impressed. It's really good. When we watched the cut bits in the extras, it was clear that they had, in fact, cut all the right parts and tightened everything up correctly. It was, just as advertised, a romantic comedy, with zombies. (And Shaun was pretty damn cute, too.)

Got tacos for dinner. Played a round of Gloom. Went to the Joneses' for DDR, and some Chez Geek/Greek/Goth, and Fluxx, and this lame-ass trivia game called "Battle of the Sexes". Boy questions (asked of the girls) were basically all about sports, except for the few that were about construction or machinery. Girl questions (asked of the boys) were basically about anything else at all, and were EASY. I mean, seriously, "what the name of the metal cap that keeps you from poking your finger with a needle?" Who doesn't know what a freakin' thimble is?

Anyways, though, had a really good day. Didn't get my taxes done. Maybe tomorrow.

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