Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


While Jerry worked this afternoon, Greg and I went up to Boulder to get late lunch and poke around in what ended up being a saga of denial.

First, we wanted to get lunch at a himalayan restaurant, but it had moved since the last time I was there. We found it a few blocks over, but it was closed until 5. So we went to a mongolian bbq place, but were unable to mix really satisfying grill combos and failed utterly to do anything Indian-like with curry powder and the available sauces. It way an okay lunch, but definitely not worth the price.

Then we went to poke around the Bookworm, which was closed. Looked at videos and were unable to find anything that looked worth watching. Stopped at the SuperTarget in Louisville on the way home and determined that they had no computer desks worth mentioning for comparison with the one that Greg & Jerry found the other day at K-Mart.

Went to Flatirons Crossing because I wanted to get some Godiva chocolate, but they were -- wait for it -- closed. So finally we stopped at King Stoopids in Broomfield to get rice crackers, which I know they carry in bulk.

But they were out.

Still, it was a good day. We had are very nice morning with lots of hanging out and talking, and we got out of the house, and had a nice stroll around Pearl Street, and this evening I got my taxes all figured. So I'm feeling content and happy in spite of it all.

Sometimes it's really nice to have an unnaturally and unwarrantedly sunny disposition. =)

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