Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Last night I was good and visited family. Stopped by my grandmother's house and talked with her for a while, which is always nice. She's 90 and on oxygen and using a walker, but still going pretty strong. Then I went to my Dad's. Dad was out of town (d'oh!) but I visited with my step-mom & two siblings. Got to talk to Dad on the phone just before I left.

Today saintpookie found out he has a job interview tomorrow! Yay! But his new pants were too long, so we called up Karen and asked her if she would do Mystical Girl Shit™ at them and make them be "hemmed" or something. So we zipped down to Aurora this evening. Went out to dinner at Pho 79 with Karen & Thomas, then Karen hemmed pants while Jerry & Thomas played some HeroClix. Then Karen and I dropped monkeys into the ocean. (Super Monkey Ball 2) Monkey dogfight was also fun. And hooray, Greg has pants! That fit! And everything!

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