Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Vocabulary Challenge!

Okay, I have a challenge for all y'all what have a big vocabulary.

I know that there are lots of interesting words for various rhetorical techniques, like: apophasis -- to bring something up by saying that you're not going to mention it.

I need a word for a technique I've seen in comment threads: saying one thing in normal text, and what you're really thiking in strikethrough. Example:

A: Despite some negative reviews, I really liked Halo 2.
B: You X-Box slut. Meh. I didn't think so much of it, myself.
A: Nintendo whore! No? What did you dislike?
B: I thought the graphics were ass a little sub-par and the storyline was OMG LAMEZOR! kinda weak.

So? What's the word for this? Surely there's some obscure glossary term we can repurpose to cover it...
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