Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


Today we drove up to Ft. Collins to pack up as much of Greg's stuff as we could and bring it down here. We got a whole bunch of it; much of it is put away (sorta), and there's a mound of stuff (both his and ours) sitting in our living room waiting to go into the storage unit that he and Jerry rented... Thursday? Yesterday? I lose track. We already put some furniture in there. Tomorrow we'll go back up and get the rest of it, hopefully.

While we were up there, we took a break to go by the East-West Import Company, a store that specializes in imported Japanese goods. OMG was Jerry happy. He said to me: "We have to leave NOW before we're poor forever!" when he was ready to check out.

My new name for this store: The Monkey Crack House.

So. Long day. Tiring. Massive upheaval, lots of heavy things. My gravity bill will be very high this month.

N.B.: a VW Jetta will hold more boxes than you probably think it will. By a lot.

Oh, and Neal and Rhonda had their baby today. Yay them!

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