Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Happy Cat-Out-of-the-Bag Day!

Sooo... just in case anyone was still unclear on the matter after Jerry's post:

kung_fu_monkey and I have a boyfriend! The three of us (me, him, and saintpookie) are, as the kids say, "an item".

It wasn't really planned, it's one of those things that just kinda happened. Greg just sort of... fits. So we're giving a three-person relationship a try.

Hmm. I guess this means I'm polyamorous. (You may feel free to make witty comments about latent mormonism.)

Anyway, this is good. Very, very good. He has moved in with us, and we are happy, and we hope everyone else will get to know him and like him as much as we do.

...Well, okay, maybe not quite as much. Then I might have to fight you.

P.S.: yay!
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