Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Hurried and Harried

Been running around kind of madly the last couple days, getting ready for my trip. Spent lots of time yesterday and today polishing off a bunch of UI tweaks and miscellaneous minor improvements to the game.

I have business cards! They have my name on them and they say "Scientist"! Hee hee!

We had Star Wars last night and we finished off the little spy mission adventure we started last time. Of course, our clever plan didn't survive contact with the real world, but the improvisations we came up with actually worked better than the original plan would have. It ended up feeling very Alias, like we were all slick professional spies and stuff. Very cool. Lots of fun.

Monkey and S'Pookie got cell phones, and they have the tasty blue LEDs all over them. Must remember not to lick the phones.

I'm in that sort of half-frantic mode ACK! that gets lots of things done because I'm going on a trip tomorrow and I still have to pack and copy data onto the laptop and actually prepare the damn presentation and print out my itinerary and figure out what the weather will be like and collect up phone numbers and, and, and...

There were other things, but I forget. Did I mention the ACK!?
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