Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Does everyone have one of these damn things?

One of the interesting things about having a blog on LiveJournal is watching the diffusion of connectivity as people start up accounts and find one another via surfing friends lists. I knew just a couple people who had livejournal accounts when I started lurking around a few months ago, and now I'm discovering more and more of my friends who have lj accounts and have had them for a while!

But I suppose that's kind of natural. As I said to my friend Chris when he asked why I didn't tell him I had a blog, it seems pretty egotistical to say "hey, I've got a blog and you should be reading all my trivial ramblings about petty day-to-day nonsense!"

My friend dan appeared in a comment on a previous post. I was a bit confused for a moment, because he's rediscovered capitalization, which makes his text seem very un-dan-like. But I suppose having to write grant proposals and publications will do that to you...

Hi dan!

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