Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Just got back from spending a couple more hours at the beach. Nice weather, plenty warm enough for me (though I'm guessing not for the locals) and sunny, but the beach was still shrouded in mist/fog, which was interesting. I probably didn't really need sunblock, but I wore it anyway because after two days of walking around campus my face is a bit pink.

I am feeling mellow and happy, sun-filled and content, despite having to cut my visit a little short after I sliced my big toe open pretty good on a rock or a mussel or something while I was body-surfing. I guess that says something about how the beach affects me, huh? I almost went to Scripps (the oceanography school in San Diego) for grad school, and I kind of suspect that if I had, I might not have finished my doctorate. Although, I'd probably be tan and in really good shape and would know how to surf.

Passed a bunch of people going to a beach wedding on my way back to the car. The wilderness scrub area leading up to the beach, by the way, was also quite gorgeous.

Yay coast!

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