Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Today I: made breakfast, stopped by the bank for laundry quarters, turned in trip reciepts, re-checked out laptop, cancelled doctor's appointment on Wednesday due to meetings, summarized trip for boss, posted newest game builds to swiki, wrote thank-you/follow-up emails to people visited on trip, chatted with visiting collaborator in the hall, updated powerpoint presentation for Wednesday, had an IT cabal meeting, bailed on meeting for another meeting, learned how to redo entire UI of old project in Matlab with improved capabilities, prepped for all-day meetings tomorrow and the next day, went grocery shopping, made dinner, wrote out a birthday list, and still managed to find time to be social with Monkey and Pookie. Which I suppose is probably why I'm feeling very tired right now and just dropped coherncy on floor bed now g'night...
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