Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

I have a half dozen tabs on my browser open to posts and comments that I'm going to reply to, but I just realized that it's getting close to midnight and I need to be in to work at a decent hour tomorrow because I have another slew of meetings tomorrow morning.

The next three weeks are going to be busy-busy at work, maybe even verging on crunch-timey (as much as such a thing exists for me), because the guy who is the other half of our dev team was made a job offer he couldn't refuse, and we want to get through all the stuff that requires his technical expertise before he goes.

So if I'm lame about posting and responding to things in the near future, that's my current excuse.

Had a lovely weekend. Thanks to everybody for birthday well-wishes! Saturday we had folks over to the house in the afternoon, and we got to host the public debuts of BOTH the new bebbies Zanon and Benjamin. So that was pretty cool. Had dinner with the Joneses that evening, replete with Cthulhu 500 and Munchkin Fu.

Sunday I went to my Dad's. Not a whole lot to report there. Showed off the awesome Andy Goldsworthy book that Thomas & Karen gave me. (They mostly didn't get it, *sigh*. That's okay, my MOM gets it.) Came home and watched some Alias episodes.

Today at work I got to diagram how messages pass between client and server so I can make about two-thirds of them disappear as we simplify the voting scheme. More meetings, but the ones this week are all of the couple-people-discussing-somthing variety, rather than the sit-all-day-looking-at-powerpoint variety, so I don't mind them.

Monkey brought home Cowboy Bebop disc 5, YAY! So that was nice. Pookie & I just spent an hour poking at Google maps, because the satellite imagery is just fascinating. And now, to bed...

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