Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

<monty python>Five. No, three! Aaaaaaugh! </monty python>

Although I got going late this morning because I was up late last night installing security software on Jerry's laptop, I still managed to get a whole chicken all stuffed with parsley and prepped for roasting so that when Jerry called me this afternoon after finishing his first day of classes for the semester I was able to have him preheat the oven and stick the chicken in so that when I got home from work after stopping by Video Station to pick up the next disc in the anime series we're watching, I would be able to prepare a quick spring-mix-avocado-and-fruit salad and have everything set for a nice dinner together while we watched some Noir.

Or at least, that was the plan...

Everything was going swimmingly right up to the point where we popped the DVD in the X-Box and discovered that I had picked up Disc 5, which we've already seen. I didn't pay enough attention to the episode descriptions on the back and didn't realize we actually wanted Disc 6.

(It's a very good series, by the way. Good enough that rather than wait to see when the library will have it available, we decided to actually spend the whopping $3.25 to rent it now. And this one was would have been free, even, since I handed in my ancient punch-card they replaced with database tracking. But I Digress.)

Okay. Wrong disc. We need the disc with Episode 20, Jerry tells me. So I hop in the car (after finishing dinner) and head back up to Boulder. It's still early. I can swap the disc and we can still watch it.

I get to Video Station, explain that I asked for the wrong disc, can I please swap it? They are very nice and say "of course!" I had anime title 789, I actually want number 788. Wait, can that be right? I've got disc 5 and I want disc 6...

I run over to the shelf and grab the case. Hunh. Yup, look at that: disc 5 is numbered 789 and disc 6 is numbered 788. I take the case to the nice lady at the counter, just to be sure. She voids out the one and checks the other out for me, and I'm set to go. Do I have number 788? Check the box: yes, I have the right one!

I drive back home. We put the new DVD in the X-Box. Get ourselves all settled in to watch.

It's the wrong DVD.

It's disc 7.

And this is one of those series where it's all about the dramatic revelations and you really cannot watch them out of order. I mean, I really want to finish the series, but we have to watch them in order.

Probably, the last person to check it out checked out 6 and 7 at the same time and accidentally swapped them. I already made one extra trip to Boulder this evening and I don't want to go again, and it would likely be too late to watch the whole thing tonight anyway by the time I got back, and mostly, I was just defeated.

So we watched the anime trailers and called it good.

And then I blogged about it.

As we say in the Old Country: EIT!.

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