Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

I saw Sin City last night with saintpookie, goobermunch, and kisken. (kung_fu_monkey stayed home to write an essay.) It's an amazingly faithful adaptation of the graphic novels, and you have to kinda evaluate it in those terms, but it's very good under those terms. The dialogue, for example, really belongs in word-bubbles rather than coming out of people's mouths, but after a little while you get used to it, much like adapting to Shakespearean dialogue. They did lots of intersting things with color, especially when something would gain and then lose color. And the casting was dead-on.

Afterwards we went to Village Inn and hung out for a while just talking. I think movies benefit greatly from casual conversation afterwards, and we don't do that often enough. Heck, as Karen pointed out, we don't do the getting together in small groups to just sit around and talk generally enough.

Just watched the last episode on Disc 5 of Cowboy Bebop, so Jerry can take it back to the library soon, and now we're going to head out shopping. I got a couple gift certificates for my birthday that I need to use before I forget they exist...

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