Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Today was a lot of running around on various errands that resulted in me mostly feeling somewhat foiled, but I did get some things done.

I finally got my glasses fixed! If you recall, the earpiece had broken off, and I finally got down to Arvada to have them fix it. I love my optician, so I will shill for anyone in the Denver area: Arvada Optical is a million times better than any chain store in existence. I will probably have to get lasik when the owners retire, because I won't be able to wear glasses anymore because I'll have nowhere to buy them.

I tried to stop by my grandmother's house and say hi, since I was in the neighborhood, but she wasn't home. So I wrote a note and left it on her door. Not quite the same, but I know she'll appreciate it.

I did some clothes shopping, too, with limited success. I managed to find the shirt I found last Saturday in my size, and another shirt that will work well for a dress shirt for my sister's wedding, but I still have no idea whether I have any pants that will work. I found flat-front slacks (pleat-fronts look awful on me), but apparently I can't wear synthetics because they hang all wrong on me. I was also confronted with the fact that my legs are freakishly short, because the 38/30s (a size that normally fits) were four inches too long!. So I need to find some cotton pants that are cut for stocky men, rather than the long-legged.

Oh, and the shirts were more expensive than I thought because I was dumb and was reading the wrong sale signs.

Also unsuccessful was the quest for some shoes that (a) look okay with shorts, (b) don't look totally stupid, and (c) fit comfortably.

So all in all, a somewhat frustrating day. But, n the other hand, I did get my glasses fixed, and I'm quite happy with the new shirts, and I was reminded yet again that my partners are wonderfully supportive and understanding and patient and I love them very, very much. Plus, there's two of them! So I'm happy despite being foiled.

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