Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


I was planning on taking the bus to work today, to get practice with it so we can use that as an option for managing a two-cars-three-drivers household and because it's good for the environment. But I didn't wake up until nearly 9. So I telecommuted instead.

I managed to wade through several hundred emails and get them properly disposed of. I found a couple that were several weeks old that I had intended to respond to but forgot about. Oops. Bad me. I hate that.

And I actually skimmed through my backlog of science-in-the-news emails, which I am perpetually feeling guilty about not keeping up with. I used to forward the interesting stories to a list of interested friends, and I've thought about taking that up again using LJ, but many of the links rot after a week or two (curse you LA and NY Times!), and I don't want to create a blog where all the archives are useless. Oh, plus I have a hard time keeping up. So I dunno. But now I have a browser open on my home computer with about three dozen tabs to read in further depth, so I might post some of those links.

I still have far too many emails in my inbox -- but a lot of the more egregious backlog is purged now.
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