Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

I hate blogging about being sick, because it makes me feel lame and whiny, but I haven't been up to much else the last few days. Vast fatigue suggests I have a nasty virus, not just allergies.

Went to Black & Read this evening and used my birthday gift certificate to get GURPS Fantasy. Yay! Lots of good advice on building fantasy settings/campaigns.

Did I mention that Greg is super-mega-uber-awesome and did this utterly amazing project where he cataloged all of my Mythos cards? Like, ALL of them? All 5,000+? And not just names, but all the features of them as well, into a nifty searcheable spreadsheet? WOW! The magnitude of this task is overwhelming, and it feels like an extra birthday present. My S'Pookie is somethin' special! We loves him lots & lots! Yay!

And I think that's my limit today for coherent thought.

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