Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

social butterfly

Tuesday evening, my Mom came over to drop off some stuff for me: personal history stuff, like a program from the musical I was in my senior year of high school, and a copy of the hospital bill for my birth (I cost $8.75!), and one of my parents' wedding pictures. I gave her a pair of tongs that don't suck, which I've been holding on to for months to give to her. We were going to go out to dinner with her & my step-dad, but with the colds, she decided just to swing by and lessen the chances of him catching anything.

As she told my boyfriends stories about my youth and they said suitably obnoxious things, I suddenly realized: oh my god, I had to get two of them, but these are partners who will give me enough grief. I'm so doomed.

Then I spent the rest of the evening putting together my CV for a Squid Labs proposal.

Last night, I went over to Keith's. Got some lessons in realistic swordplay (i.e., not stage fighting), and then we played Cosmic Encounter. I also got to hear the wrap-up of Ellen's saga at work, which had ended happily.

Tonight while Monkey & Kuma went off to Serenity, I opted out (still SO tired of the system) and instead went over to the Floyds' with Jeff & Tom & Matt K., and we played Betrayal At The House On The Hill with Chris. This is a fun new Avalon Hill game where you start out exporing a mysterious old house, building the board as you go. After a certain point, the horror-story scenario gets revealed and one of the players becomes the traitor, helping out the monster that appears! They have fifty different scenarios, so it's a different game each time. It's a lot of fun! We played twice, and the heroes won both times, but I think we got pretty lucky.

I still have a cough and a touch of laryngitis, but I'm feeling a lot better.

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