Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Last night, the boys and I went over to the Floyds and played some more Betrayal At The House On The Hill. Kate (who can drive again, hooray!) was there, too. It's a good game, but we discovered that it's important to look up the errata, of which there are many, online...

Tonight, Bryree and Greg and I went and saw Howl's Moving Castle while Jerry stayed home and slept (cough medicine plus opening shift tomorrow). It was good! A very pretty movie. A fair amount of stuff that seemed quite random; I gather the book is more coherent, which is about what I'd expect. I'll be reading it soon. But hey, Miyazaki. Always worth seeing.

We had dinner at the new pho place next to POM. (The new one, not the one six storefronts over that opened up all of six months ago...) They have good noodle bowls, but the pho is only so-so. Not enough spices. Tasty and cheap nonetheless.
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