Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Saturday: At noon, we and Kate zipped up to Longmont to support Jen (who teaches ballet) and her son Michael (who's learning ballet) at a dance recital. I'm happy to say that the bits involving people I know were quite nice. I asked Jen afterwards and she said that the choreography that she did for the four-year-olds did, in fact, involve the phrase "spaz out". As for the rest of it... lordy. I'll just say that the phrase that most leapt to mind was "highly inappropriate". Sexy hip-hop dances by second-graders? Not okay.

Ghostwalk was fun. Joe made mind-blowing amounts of sushi for dinner, and it was tasty. Yummmm. Plus, we had an attack plan that involved summoning celestial monkeys to distract the fire-breathing kobolds, and it worked like a charm.

Sunday: Bummed around in the morning, hung out with Joneses in the evening for Nick's birthday BBQ. We got to see Shawn & Danielle and Malachi Osiris, who is just about the most cheerful baby I've ever seen. (Which is all ironical and stuff given his father.)

Today I got a two-week reprieve on using my project in an actual class. And a haircut.

Oh -- I also finished Earth, by David Brin, which is a good book. Optimistically gritty view of the near future with copious amounts of gaia theory in it. Hand-wavy in spots, but forgivably so because I liked where he went.
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