Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Geh! So behind. Some miscellany:

It rained today. Finally! The heat is gone. Today I also took the bus to work. Coincidence?

Tonight we ate the crab legs that Monkey bought (frozen) a few days ago. So tasty! Now I have to take the trash out, though. (Pookie pronounced crab merely "meh", but it does not trigger the instant-purge allergy that shrimp does, so that's good.) We're also nearly through the big box of clementines, and if they're still at the store, I'll buy more. Something about their smallness makes us eat more of them.

Yesterday I did (massive amounts of) laundry while the boys got some serious downtime. Zipped up to the laundromat at the Basemar shopping center in Boulder, which I love because it has the Laundry Centrifuge. This thing is awesome. One quarter to spin your clothes up to enough gees to halve the drying time. I wish I could find one closer to home.

Played some BatHotH with Nick & Jen on Friday. Played Shadows Over Camelot with Chris, Jeff, and Kate on Saturday. Days of Wonder puts out pretty cool board games. Very schwank. We ended up playing for about a half-hour longer than we needed to, because we wanted to make sure that we'd win even if there was a traitor -- which there wasn't. D'oh!

FINALLY got Jerry's tax return info in the mail; I dropped it off at CU this morning. Now I have to go to the grocery store to pick up some food and $15 for Greg so he can renew his driver's license.

(I never promised the miscellany would be interesting.)

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