Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Bad, Good, and Awesome

The Bad: Last night I was driving down Federal when the cab in front of me came to a really abrupt stop and I ran into him. I'm fine, but the front of my car is all crunched. I was feeling really awful yesterday about not being a better driver (if I'd managed to swerve just a little further to the left, I would have missed him entirely), but I'm mostly over it now.

Dropped the car off at a body shop last night, did the insurance claim over the phone, insurance adjustor called today, and things are in motion to get back to normal. Insurance even covers a rental while my car is getting fixed, which I was not expecting -- I was planning on having to take the bus to work every day for a couple weeks.

The cab driver went off to the hospital, which surprised me, because he seemed just fine (though I know you can't tell by looking) but later on it occurred to me that he probably is required by his employer to go no matter whether the thinks he's injured or not, because they want proof of his medical state in case he files workman's comp.

The girl in the front, whom the cab hit before I hit him, was fine and her car was only a little bonked. I was very glad that Monkey had randomly left his cell phone in the car.

All in all, it was sucky, but given that there's never a convenient time or place to have your car run into something, it wasn't too terribly awful. No injuries, car repairable, life goes on.

The Good: So after the boys came and picked me up at the body shop last night, we went and got comfort food in the form of ice cream. And it was tasty.

Today we did bills and even had some money left over, which is really nice. And I called the box office and got tickets for Wicked (Greg's b-day present), and they're even pretty good, given that they were down to obstructed viewing (due to angle, not set or anything) and the good seats I wanted to get were probably never even available in general sales due to subscriptions, group sales, and subscriber pre-orders.

This evening, we went up to Boulder and had dinner with one of Jerry's former co-workers. Sushi at Sushi Tora, and it was MUCH better than the time I went there a few years ago and got very enh tuna -- the bad experience must have been a fluke. This was GREAT stuff, and even pretty reasonably priced, given that we live in Colorado. The freshwater eel roll and the dynamite roll were both really good (and new to me), and even the cucumber roll was super-tasty. (And of course, very good tuna and yellowtail and so on). The colleague was just delighted to hear all about our wacky triad relationship, and we had lovely conversation. And afterwards, we stopped at the Boulder Bookstore and found a few things to take home.

And The AWESOME: N'Djamena, aka Chad Trujillo, my housemate and lab partner from MIT, has discovered a new freakin' PLANET! Woo-hoo!

Okay, technically it's a Kuiper Belt Object (KBO), but it's bigger than Pluto! (And Sedna, and Quaoar.)

They haven't announced their proposed name for it yet -- I can't decide whether "yuggoth" would be more cool or disturbing.

Either way, IT ROCKS! Go N'Dj!
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