Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Potions, bellwethers, and garlic

Thursday evening I went and visited family while Greg & Jerry (and carpooling Bryree) went to Serenity. My sister and her family were in town and were going to go visit my Mom & Larry up in the mountains, but the transmission on their van broke, and so they were staying with my brother down here in town while it gets fixed. So Mom & Larry came down here.

Had a good time. Layne (my nephew) loves to make "potions", and his cousin Leah (my niece) was excited to join in. So we took a bowl of water and slowly poured in cherry jello (watching it dissolve and so on), and then we added various other ingredients like sugar, and salt, and pepper, and garlic powder, and flour, and crunched-up cereal, and it was really gross by the time we were done. I entertained myself by playing Mr. Science and pointing out all the interesting behaviors of the fluids (hey, look at those bubbles. Watch, it makes little spirals when you stir it. Oh, looky there, the pepper dissolves the foam. etc.), and they seem to have enjoyed that.

And it was nice to see everyone, of course, and hang out. My brother had a nasty case of poison ivy from clearing brush a few days previously. His cat had kittens and they are at that super-adorable squeaky stage, and they're all very friendly and it made me pine for a kitten. (But not in this apartment, nor till we get some people some allergy treatments.)

Anyway, afterwards I went and joined up with the rest of the group and was only a little bit late. We were going to run a sample adventure, but the yahoo group with all the files refused to let her find them, and by the time she determined it was just not going to happen, it was really too late to run anything with our normal adventure, so we played some board games instead. I mostly typed things up for the Thomas/Mike thing.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful. Oh yeah -- I finished Bellwether, by Connie Willis, and it is quite a fine book. I enjoyed it immensely. I think I may have been reading her wrong, and might need to do some rereading. She writes about people who aren't very aware of what's going on around them, and that includes the narrators. But the clues are still there if you pay attention.

And then, today, we went over to Jeff & Alice's (along with the Floyds and the Ottems and the Nevilles and Kate) for GarlicFest™. Alice planted a gajillion garlic bulbs this year, so we had garlic chicken and roasted garlic and really good bread and oh, MAN was is awesome. Yummy, yummy food and hanging with friends. Now everyone is stinky, but it was totally worth it. Greg brought home a half-dozen heads of garlic, and we'll probably get more in a few weeks. Super-tasty.

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