Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

There was a big pile of laundry that needed doing, and we had no quarters and it was too late for the laundromat on 120th, so I schlepped it up to Boulder and went the laundromat behind the Wild Oats that I used to go to when I lived there and which is open all hours.

It's actually worth it in both time and money, because the laundry centrifuge that lets you get away with sticking only two quarters in the dryer and still having dry clothes.

The flyers that get tacked to the bulletin board there are uniquely Boulder. Along with the usual for sale and work at home notices, you get ads for things like ayurvedic dance and learning to chant a new name of God for happiness and prosperity.

And does anybody know what's up with the Abercrombie-wearing college boys folding their t-shirts ultra-meticulously? Even the nasty stained ones? I swear, they were being more finicky than clothing-store employees. Is it some kind of fraternity thing?

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