Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Went to my former-work-colleague's wedding yesterday. First completely jewish wedding I've been to, in a synagogue with chuppah and everything. It was lovely. Simple, short, lots of nice symbolism. (Well, the bits that were in English, anwyway; during the parts I couldn't understand, I amused myself by trying to figure out what the hebrew letters on the stained-glass window said by reverse-engineering the transliterations in the prayer book under the chair.)

Reception was at the Hotel Boulderado, which has a very swank mezzanine. Spent a good portion of it talking to one of E's college friends, who was just an utterly charming conversationalist. Jamila, I think? A geneticist from DC. (I wish I could be that dazzling and witty with random strangers -- I feel like I can keep up when it happens, but I don't know that I can originate it. Maybe one of those social chameleon things...)

Lovely dinner, excellent wedding cake, simple and heartfelt toasts, and a very nice live jazz ensemble. I didn't dance (my shoes would have killed me), but I think it was a much better all-ages option for the guestlist (lots of older relatives) than a DJ would have been. Havah Nagilah as an actual tradition, not an adopted one! Bride and groom looked wonderful. Had good conversation with my boss's wife, too.

I lost my driver's licence and employee ID, but found them again. Then I bought a rolling pin on the way home.

Spend Saturday and today doing basically nothing, and enjoying it.

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