Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Punishment and Reward

We had to watch the Dungeons and Dragons movie for punishment tonight because Googlygoo was mad that I poked him in the eye the other morning when he woke me up wearing a mask. I tried to explain to him that I didn't know it was him, that it was just some strange mask looming and it was early morning, but it was no good.

Crap. That really isn't going to make any sense to other people, is it?

Some background: We have a plush Cthulhu in our house, like this one (only ours is a lot cuter). His name is Googlygoo. He has developed quite a personality and is fond of bossing around his human minions (me and Jerry). He does things like take over the laundry basket to prevent us from folding the clean socks, or demand that we pick up a particularly interesting video or DVD for his entertainment. You know how this kind of thing goes; some couples have dogs or cats that this happens with. We have a plush Cthulhu.

So anyway, he demanded that we watch the movie to make up for me "poking him in the eye" even though I just got the mask's eyehole, but whatever. Jerry also thought it would be amusing, because he kind of enjoys watching really bad movies. So we got to watch it tonight.

Unfortunately, as I'm sadly sure many of you are aware, the Dungeons and Dragons movie isn't even bad enough to be good.

There are some movies that are transcendently bad. These movies are so awful that they develop a kind of fascinating quality. It's like watching a terrible accident -- you don't really want to see what's going on, but you keep watching because you have to know how things are going to go dreadfully wrong next. Plan Nine from Outer Space is probably the best example of this phenomenon.

The D&D movie is not awful or dire or horrible. It is merely totally and completely not-good. It is ultra-crappy; not heinous, just crappy and lame.

It made a pretty good punishment.

Luckily for us, we also had Disc 3 of Fruits Basket!

This is rapidly becoming one of my favorite anime series. It is hysterical. I paused it about three minutes into the first episode and pointed out that it had already been more entertaining than the entire D&D movie (which, we agreed, was about 107 minutes longer than it should have been).

Fruits Basket (and no, that's not a typo) is basically the story of The Nicest Girl In The Whole Entire World Universe Ever and how she lives with a bunch of characters who turn into critters from the Chinese zodiac.

It's not crazy and wacky like Excel Saga, but it is a bit off-kilter in a really entertaining way, and the main character is really and truly the nicest, best, most likeable character I've ever seen on TV. The show totally rocks and you should definitely watch it if you get the chance.

Even our 'thulhu likes it.

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