Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

I went grocery shopping and now I am suddenly SO. TIRED.

Last night we went over to Jen&Nick's and played the Pump It Up game Jen got for her birthday. PIU is DDR rotated by 45 degrees, so it's the diagonals and the center instead of the normal cardinal arrows. It's a good game. The graphics are considerably better than DDR, honestly, and they have lot of good music. Along with regular pop music and a bunch of k-pop, they had a whole section called "Banya", which is apparently the collective name of the musicians that work for the game company that makes PIU. Anyway, there were a whole bunch of techno remixes of classical pieces in that section, which I liked A LOT. I might have to download all of them. So it might be a smidge better than DDR in the music category, too. My one complaint is that the diagonals on the dance pad are just too far apart. Too much reach and stretch. So I don't know if I'll be able to play it all that often.

I took the bus to work today and managed to only have to wait about three minutes for it to arrive, instead of twenty! Still had to loiter a long time for the shuttle, though.

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