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The Mad Schemes of Dr. Tectonic [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The King of Bees Is A Badger [Sep. 25th, 2005|01:14 am]
Hooray! Jay and Laura are in town! We hung out with them at the Ottems' last night and again this afternoon and evening. Lots of hanging out and catching up, plus board games.

There were a whole bunch of people over today. We didn't end up playing Jeff's Twilight Imperium game (which is god-awful big), but we did get all the pieces separated and sorted and I read through the 44 pages of rules, so when we DO have the 4-6 hours free, we'll be all set.

Ended the evening with a game of Wise and Otherwise, which (if you don't know) is a game where you try to come up with the second half of some pithy saying from another culture, and then everyone votes on what they think the right answer is. It's kind of like Balderdash, and it's a lot of fun. A good rule of thumb is that the more random and nonsensical the answer, the more likely it is to be correct.

(Seriously. Actual sayings from the game: "Three things cannot hide: love, a mountain, and... a man on a camel." (Arabic) and "A seeing eye is better than... three hundred sticks" (Persian).)

I got several points and many kudos for finishing the old Portuguese saying "The king of bees..." with "...is a badger." (The real answer is, "...has no sting". WTF?) As it gets later, answers get sillier, and we ended the game with Bill's old American saying, "Snow is the poor man's... eskimo lube".

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[User Picture]From: dr_tectonic
2005-09-25 10:44 am (UTC)
Yup. "Manure" was their answer, but none of us had ever heard it...
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From: (Anonymous)
2005-09-27 07:08 pm (UTC)
I like W&O. It is way better than balderdash.
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[User Picture]From: portlandpiglet
2005-09-27 07:10 pm (UTC)
That was me. I forgot to log in. :)
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