Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

vast relief

Hooray! We don't have to move!

I went and talked to the landlord on Friday, and he was unhappy with the fact we had three of us (in violation of our lease, as it turns out), and so why should he let all three of us live there, since he really only wants two adults per apartment? So I explained that we weren't taking advantage of low rents, we were in a three-person relationship which we really hadn't planned, it just kinda happened.

As for why we didn't mention it, well, y'know, some people are prejudiced, and when you're in an unusual relationship, you just get in the habit of not mentioning it if you don't have to, because you don't want to expose yourself to potential discrimination. [Note that anyone reading this is excluded from that statement, since y'all are decent people, not assholes.]

Anyway, he said that he would think about it over the weekend and make his decision on Monday after having a conference with his manager and maintenance guy. So I called on Monday afternoon and found out that they hadn't discussed it yet. (Jerkass.) But today, the manager called Jerry and told him that yes, we can stay after all! YAY! Our rent will go up, but that's fine. (And fair, really, since it's mostly for extra utilities.)

It's been raining, and when I went outside it smelled like Connecticut. Man, does it smell good.

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