Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Serenity review

Blah. Flat light from high overcast makes me feel flat.

Went to Serenity last night with Bryree, Kate, Mel, and the three of us. I enjoyed seeing it a second time. There are lots of little moments that have a very different meaning the second time, when you know where things are heading, than they do the first. And lots of cryptic things that are prefectly sensible when you know the plan. That was pretty cool.

It has a lot of funny dialogue; I had forgotten that after the emotional impact of the first time.

It is, as people have mentioned, a season's worth of TV arcplot pared down and shoehorned into a movie. It would have been nice to experience it stretched out. On the other hand, as a movie, it had lots of good FX, and I enjoyed that. I think I like the TV show's color palette better than the sometimes-funky cinematographic stuff, but it wasn't bad.

And I can say that really, the only difference between the preview we saw and the final movie is that it looked and sounded a whole lot better. It was easier to catch all the details of what was going on, though I don't know how much of that is the difference between raw and cleaned-up sounds and visuals and how much is already knowing what's generally going on and being able to focus on small things.

Speaking of sound, our showing was VERY ECHOEY, which I gather is due to the fact that it was in one of the biiig theaters and there was almost nobody in there. Which was a shame, and they had somebody come look at it (I think he turned down the volume a smidge, which helped a little), but there's not a lot they could do. The theaters are designed to have humans in the seats absorbing the extra sound...

It's definitely a movie that was made first for people who've seen the show and only second for those who haven't, but I think it would be quite enjoyable even if you haven't seen Firefly. It wouldn't have the same emotional impact, though.

Anyway, if you haven't seen it yet, go see it! It's good.

Also, memo to myself: Monday nights are TOTALLY the night to go see movies if you're trying to avoid crowds.

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