Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


For the party we're going to tomorrow, I'm making a dish that has a bunch of stuff baked inside a pumpkin, and I bought one at the store but it had a hole in the bottom and would have leaked. So I had to go back and buy another.

Also, we went out and had japanese for dinner, and I ate udon that disagreed with me. Then we went shopping at the asian grocery store, mostly to get mirin, but we had to get other stuff because they have a $10 minimum on credit card purchases. Why is the produce there so much cheaper than at the regular supermarket? That's what I want to know.

We watched Doctor Who (third story in the Key To Time series) while the broken pumpkin was baking. And I played a bunch of Dynasty Tactics 2 today.

And I slept in, because I had to stay up late last night getting some code to run at my machine on work before they took the connections to the outside world down this morning at 6 am.

I think I made up a new word for my title, but I might keep it.

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