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The Mad Schemes of Dr. Tectonic [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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KITTEN VACUUM! [Oct. 14th, 2005|06:07 pm]
themonkeybear has a post with a picture of a car vacuum with a ridiculous amount of patriotic imagery on it. This is the latest in a series of pictures of things showing commercialization of nationalism.

I stopped and thought about the picture for a minute, and I concluded: yep, I'm still boggled.

My brain just doesn't react to this kind of advertising the way that they clearly expect people's brains to react. Obviously, the images are supposed to make me feel good about the idea of using the machine to vacuum my car, and therefore more likely to spend my money.

And instead, my brain thinks, "Dude. That's just dumb."

So I thought about, well, what if it had different pictures on it? What if the pictures were appealing to me in a way that eagles-plus-exploding-flags aren't? What if it had, say, a picture of a really good-looking shirtless guy?

Okay, first, I'm disturbed by the idea that someone might feel about flags the way that I feel about cute bears, but regardless, I think I'd ogle the vacuum, but feel awkward about doing it in public -- so that's no good.

All right, what about something else. Something without social baggage. How 'bout, oh, transformers?

And I think my thought process would be: "Hey, cool, Transformers! ...on a car vacuum? Dude. That's just dumb."

The only thing I can think of that would work would be imagery that was appealing, but also made such a big deal about being non-vacuum related that it was funny. Like, "ZOMG cute kittens you must vacuum your car because KITTENS ARE CUTE THEY MAKE IT MORE CLEANER! KITTEN VACUUM!!!"

That's a machine I'd be proud to put my 75 cents into.

...I'm a bad consumer, aren't I?

[User Picture]From: madbodger
2005-10-15 12:20 pm (UTC)
I'm with you. The concept of "useful object" and the concept of "decoration" are
entirely separate to me. And I assume any object can be decorated any way. In
the old days, sewing machines would have flowers or faux Egyptian figures on
'em. So I'm thinking a Snakes on a Plane car vacuum would be as logical as
anything else. And it would make me smile.

On the other hand, I've been known to decorate random friends with an
airbrush when the mood struck me.

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[User Picture]From: devcubber
2005-10-15 02:23 pm (UTC)
*snort* Snakes on a Plane....that movie is soooo gonna suck but I do want it on my lunchbox.
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