Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

I went and visited my grandmother yesterday. She was looking really good; possibly the best I've seen her in the last year or two. She might have to use a walker now, but on her good days, she still does just fine, by golly. She was clearing out the back pantry and gave me this hand-crank slicer thingy -- sort of like a manual cuisinart. I'm hoping it works well, because that'd be cool and retro.

I've been playing a lot of Dynasty Tactics II, which is a notch or two up from the original in gameplay and UI. I like it because it's as much a puzzle game as anything. Today I managed to get a 10-level combo in one battle, and in another I maxed out the damage at 99,999.

We went and saw Mirrormask last night at the Cheez Artist Chez Artiste all the way down in freakin' Englewood. It was really good; far more coherent than I expected based on some of the reviews I read. It's a lovely fairy tale. All about the surreal (and quite nifty) imagery, of course. I recommend it to everyone. There was a young girl in a wheelchair there with her family, and for reasons that I can't really articulate, it made me happy to see her there.

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