Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Must remember, short quotidian posts are perfectly valid.

I paid bills this morning and discovered that, hooray!, we are almost back in the black on the credit card! Once Jerry's grant money arrives, we should be back to having some money again. We had a cluster of big expensive things (extra rent and deposit for moving, trip to San Francisco, car insurance (which is cheaper to pay off in a lump sum and carry an equivalent balance on the credit card than it is to pay in installments, how obnoxious is that)) that all came at the same time a couple months ago, and while we're not living beyond our means in the long run, over the short run it meant we carried a bit of a balance for a month or two.

I actually had finance charges on the credit card for the first time in, like, years. Ugh. Still, I've decided that the real benefit to having a credit card is that it lets you buffer your finances, so that if your money is transiently negative, it's not a big deal. And as long as you can manage to hit a balance of zero every month, it's free.

I just hope the mailman comes by and picks up all the bills sometime today, or they won't be postmarked until next Tuesday...

Just played an hour of DDR, now I'm going to take a shower and work on the SBIR stuff for Squid Labs this afternoon. Ghostwalk today at 4:30.

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