Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

I went and voted today, because I'll be at a conference on election day in a week. There was no-one else there. The staffers mentioned the free donuts like three times. There were only a couple things to vote for: mayor, a city council member (liberal schoolteacher guy or scary republican lady? Gee, I wonder...), and the two budget referenda. Well, there were a couple school district issues, too, which I didn't vote on because I hadn't read up on them, thinking they were Boulder-only. Eit.

Went to Tom & Heather's birthday party for their one-year-old this afternoon. I promised the birthday boy that in 15 years, when they're showing those baby pictures of him covered with frosting to his dates, that I'll tell him the truth: it's because grownups were all saying, "Hey Caleb, where's your hair?"!

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