Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

I haven't updated much over the last few days because I was too busy at work dealing with the website refurbishment stuff. I volunteered for the ad hoc committee, and ended up being in charge of all the backend stuff, redoing our research project content-management system. Which is fine, it's halfway interesting little perl scripts, but it also involved lots of "okay, we have three different versions of this datafile, which one is the most up to date, and when can I manage to get Joe Scientist to give me new information to fill in the blank entries?" and that was really tedious but still not horrible, but we're also working under this deadline where we're trying to get it all finished before we kick of the search for a new assistant director next week. So that made it kind of sucky.

I've already worked 20 hours of next week...

Last weekend, Greg and I worked on scavenging the carcass of his old desktop (which had its motherboard blow up) in hopes of getting the data on his mongo storage hard-drive copied over to his laptop. We put his network card into my machine, but it didn't like it, and for some reason, something the auto-configurator did made it also dislike the truly ancient network card that had been in it. (This is a NIC so old that it actually has an off-board transceiver!)

Anyway, I put the new card back in and started googling error messages, and eventually figured out that something the plug-n-play hardware manager does makes that particular flavor of NIC Very Unhappy™, and I just now tried a recommended thing and made it work again. HOORAY! I feel all computer-studly at the moment.

I hate hate HATE dealing with OS or hardware kinds of things, I think because of all the "try a small change, reboot, wait five minutes for the machine to come back up" cycling that happens.

So now that I've had some success with that, I'm going to try getting at that data drive again, by putting it in the windows box. (The windows boxes can't talk to each other, but they can talk to the linux machine, so now that it's back up, we can use it as an intermediary for getting the files back and forth. I'm sure there's a clever political metaphor to be made here, but I can't think of it.)

Aren't you glad you bothered to click on this cut?

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