Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


While Greg and Jerry were off at kung-fu this evening, I played DDR, because I need to get more exercise.

And after a good hour of increased heartrate, a moment of personal triumph:

This is a song on DDR Max 2 (also known as the "sonic death scream" song, because it starts out with that la-la-la-la-la aaAAAAaa-aa-aa high-pitched wail from that "lovin' you is easy 'cuz you're beautiful" song before it transforms into this lovely little instrumental techno piece) that I have done over and over and over, trying to do it without missing the combo. (That is, hitting every step at "great" or better, so as not to break the combo.) It's a difficulty 6. It has triplets. And tricky step patterns.

And I got it tonight. ON THE FIRST TRY! Woooo!

And I have to give credit to one of my sweeties (kung_fu_monkey), because it's his fault we have DDR. One of the things I really love about him is that he exposes me to new things I would never have encountered otherwise.
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